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Our needs for volunteers are probably more of a commitment of time than most other opportunities provided. Of course the rewards are also more respectable. We utilize folks to take the lead and organize several of our fundraisers throughout the year. Last year we had a Hastings College volunteer head up our Herberger's Community Day Coupon sales. She did and awesome job bringing in more than $800. We are looking for someone at this time to head this Herberger's Community Day Coupon sales which is the middle of November.

We are also in need of someone to head up our Spring New Growth Experience which will be held April 4 2015. We had a young lady from the University of Nebraska head this up the past two years and she did an awesome job raising about $15,000. This event is a dinner, and program utilizing past clients in one venue or another. The past clients are a huge resource of hands on help such as mailings and organizing. Responsibilities will be organizing all detail of the evening including obtaining donations for the silent auction, selling corporate tables, selling individual tickets, decorations, etc.

We are also in need of someone to head up our summer event which is called The Recovery In The Park "Celebration". This event is a free barbeque and concert at Brick Yard Park July 11th. We raise funds from the community to pay for this. Duties would require mailings, phone calls, organizing. We usually raise about $15,000 for this. We also had a young lady from the University of Nebraska head this up last year.

All of these events will allow the volunteers to develop great fund raising skills working in conjunction with me. The reward would be a wonderful reference for future employment.

Everyone who has volunteered for these positions are highly motivated individuals who are thinking outside the box. They are able to utilize their creativity to help us change our thinking as an organization. The two folks that headed up the Spring New Growth Experience and The Recovery In The Park "Celebration" have obtained awesome employment. I believe our letter of recommendation allowed them to raise to the top of the applicants and helped them sell themselves as the best candidate for the job.

We are also in need of simpler volunteering opportunities such as working in the office several hours per week, social media opportunities and helping with mailings. 


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