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TeamMates Mentoring Program - Hastings Chapter

Who We Are

TeamMates matches caring adults in our community with students grades 6-12th in all the school districts in Hastings.  We aim to support their match for the longevity of their school career as well as offer support and possible scholarships for their post secondary education.  We only meet in the schools one hour per week as well as only during the school calendar year.  We believe safety is our most important quality so we strive to maintain school relationships.

What We Do

TeamMates Mentoring Program was founded in 1991 by Dr. Tom and Nancy Osborne.  Their initial vision was to match students that are needing assistance in making it through school with the athletes Tom was coaching at the time.  Since then we have grown and changed greatly.  We are an in school only mentoring program that matches Students grades 6-12th for one hour a week with a caring adult in the community.  We have taken the vision and expanded it by ensuring that we are there for support for any youth that would like an additional caring adult in their lives.  We strive to see them through high school and also post secondary education as well.  At the end of their high school journey, we try to have scholarships in line for them to pursue their passions in their adult lives as well.