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Adams County Teen Court and Diversion Services

Who We Are

We educate referred youth and volunteer youth about Restorative Justice and the legal system. Referred youth learn how they can repair the harm caused by their behaviors and the volunteer youth have a direct voice in deciding how their peers can make amends in the community. Youth volunteers participate as attorneys, jurors, bailiffs,and jury persons. They learn and practice public speaking skills, critical thinking and group discussion.

What We Do

First time offending youth, referred by the County Attorney, are given an opportunity to stay out of the legal system by successfully completing the Teen Court contract as determined by the peer jurors. 2nd time offenders, referred by the county attorney can also maintain a clean record by successfully completing a specific Diversion contract. The Teen Court operates with youth volunteers who are trained and understand confidentiality. Our goals are to keep youth from the formal justice system, assist in public safety and educate youth about how their behaviors impact their lives and the community.


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