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Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska - At Ease Program

Who We Are

Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska's At Ease program offers peer-driven community based networking. We connect with the veteran by sharing our own personal experiences and challenge we have overcome, after exiting the military. We offer financial, educational, employment, marital, and faith based networking across South Central Nebraska. Our job is to connect with the veteran and family members, and through simple conversation, walk with them in the direction they would like to take their lives. We partner with the veteran to overcome any existing barrier that is halting the veteran from living the quality of life they deserve.

At Ease organizes with the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA). At Ease and IAVA hold VetTogethers, in an attempt to connect Post 9/11 Veterans with one and other inside of their own communities. At these veteran gatherings our hope is to bring together, not only Post 9/11 veterans, but veterans of all eras, to share their experiences with one another on how we have dealt with an ever evolving progression during, and after, our Military Service.

What We Do

Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska's At Ease program offers non-traditional behavioral health services. Being a non-traditional behvaioral health service means we connect with not only the veteran, or military member, but their family as well. Anyone related to the veteran can seek services. This is to include, but not exclude, the spouse, mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, etc.

Everyone who works inside of the 'At Ease' program is either a veteran themselves, or is related to a veteran. In conjuction with the peer-driven non-traditional behavioral health service, we offer evidence based mental health, through our Grand Island office.


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